sâmbătă, 21 noiembrie 2009

How bad can a game SUCK?!

I wrote it in english, on Gamespot first because I had to review the Star Wars: The force unleashed game, because of how much it sucked.
Well, this was supposed to be a great game, with all the hype and the marketing it got prior and after its release. Unfortunately its only great at disappointing any expectations whatsoever.
The graphics are worse than bad, considering the capabilities of current hardware, consoles and PCs alike. There are no quality settings for AA or AF, no settings for details, shadows, textures, almost no video settings at all beside resolution.
The physics engine is supposed to be Havok, and if it is, it's the worst implementation ever because you can break open doors, but you can't cut down a tree with the lightsaber. Probably the stupidest possible implementation done ever, there is no limb cutting with the lightsaber and in fact the lightsaber is a very weak weapon and the only weapon, there are no blasters or other options for the player to have ranged combat.
The sound is repetitive, without depth and is pretty cheap overall, there is no thrill in wielding the lightsaber, the combos are incredibly complicated and anyway you can press all you want the keys for a simple attack but the game will not register them. Which of course is tremendously annoying during boss battles, that are rendered completely unfair by the most idiotic camera and control system I have ever seen. During boss battles I have absolutely no idea how to move, which direction to attack, basically its majorly screwed.
The puzzles are lame, most are simple and involve using force powers, trouble is you don't know which and then you can't access the zone you just opened.
The game experience is extremely unsatisfying, the game is utter crap of the likes I haven't seen for quite some time. To mention that is has nearly 8Gb of movies shows truly the lack of interest to make an actually playable game.

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