luni, 25 septembrie 2006

IBM/Lenovo's professionalism

Well, it has come the time for me to post something in English. I thought I would never have to do this, but considering the broad audience that might be interested English imposes itself as the language of choice.
We have purchased a few hundreds IBM/Lenovo laptops. And quite expensively I might add.
I have made it my task to install the needed software on the 4 R52 laptops assigned to my department. The first thing was to update the BIOS and the embedded controller firmware. Using the provided BIOS updates has yielded the expected results. However the embedded firmware controller update was not completed successfully, moreover the laptop hung during the update procedure. Naturally I contacted IBM/Lenovo using the web form on their website, see image bellow:
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Notice please the date and time of their receipt.
Eventually I received a reply, see bellow:

Now I would like to make 2 points very clear:
1. yes, that is the correct date. It has taken them 2 whole weeks to send me a reply about something which the claim they provide for free for 30 days.
2. this is a generic, most likely automated reply which does not hold any shred of useful information for me and my problem.
Btw, I found the solution to my problem by using Google which led me to a forum where somebody having the same problem posted a solution. And using that advice I completed the firmware update.
Way to go IBM/Lenovo!

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